Monday, June 29, 2015

Amsterdam local guide

So my favorite list:Map of all places.Take a coffee (and Apple cake with wipped cream) Saturday at the 'Nordic markt' in the Café Vinkel. Then the Boerenmarkt is on the Norden Maarkt, which means Farmers Market selling bio products. And you can sit and check out Amsterdamers doing their shopping.

Eat a cozy dinner at 'De Reiger'. A 'Buurt cafe', call it a 'local cafe' / restaurant. They are friendly and has good food. One can easily get in conversation with both staff and tables next to you. Nieuwe Leliestraat 34.After 'de Reiger' one can walk to the ice cream bar on the Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 13 and after take a beer at 'Cafe de Tuin'. Or anywhere else, that street. 

Cafe the Prince is also  close by, on the corner of Prinsengracht 124 and is a local bar which belong to my favorites.Toscanini Ristorante Cafè has one of the best Italien restaurantes in Amsterdam. You usually see parts of the royal family eat there, so it's  a favorite for many. Boka table well in advance. Lindengracht 75 020 6232813If you are looking for something new so you can go to Japanese Pancake World. Plenty of new flavors.Best croissants are available at a small bakery on the Haarlemmerdijk. Between No. 178 and 180. No one knows about it except all of Amsterdam who likes queuing on a Sunday. There you can really look at people, if you have the energy squeeze into the somewhat bare premises cafe.All of Haarlemmerdijk really have much to offer in terms of small shops, cafes, a cinema, toy shops, graphic design printing shop and other weird things. You will know, however,  when you  are have reached the center, then more tourists and more coffee shops with fumes in the air shows up ... not to be confused with cafes.To walk around and go shopping at the 9 streets '9 Straatjes' is also cozy with cafes and fine shops. These are the streets between Westermarkt and Leidsegracht. In this area is my absolute favorite design shop! Frozen Fountain on Prinsengracht 629. Hottest design and interior decorating stuff.Another design shop that is a must is the Droog Design Shop. Staalstraat 7b. Known around the design world for its innovative designs!Further along the Staalstraat WAS the Book of Hope DEVICES bookshop if it comes to Art and Graphic Design. Nijhof & Lee. They are now closed but exists online which is so worth a visit.

But further on Staalstrat nr 12 you have the Bon bon shop Puccini. go to their cafe or just buy some of their chocolate delecassys. if it rains out side you will not notice it after that bite.

If you continue the street over the bridge, you will get to WaterlooPlein. Not a big favourite of mine, but for anyone looking for second hand clothes or things, that's were you go.Nearby is a cafe which is also a secondhand shop 'Latei' (Zeedijk 143). Cosy. Good breakfast and good apple cake and on Friday, Saturday they open in the evening and serves Indian food. www.latei.netOne of the better and most enjoyable Thai places are on Zedijk 77 Snack "Bird". Opposite is the restaurant, but it is not the one you want. With Snack bar it means that you are sitting where they cook the food, and you get both pushed in and pushed out quickly. As soon as you're done, you should pay the bill and go! Amsterdams stand outside to get a seat and through the window you can then see passers to China district and red light district, at the sametime as you get to experience the flames from the kitchen! One of my clear favorites!

Another good book shop is also the American Book Center Spui 12. It is so good that even my book is there! Ask for 'Advisory Travellers' you will see it!
If you want to go for fun arab cafe and watch big men carry in large trays of food and drink mint tea, go to Hotel Bazar. To get you there you go through Amsterdam's longest outdoor market. Albert Cuypstraat.If you really feel like celebrating, there is always the Okura Hotel, with its sky bar where you see the all of Amsterdam, luxurious! and 2 star the restaurant 'Ciel Bleu' that you probably will never forget ... mmmm. But prices there after, however .....(Okura also has a nice Sushi restaurant and other.)If you have not received a large hotel breakfast, then you can go to the American Hotel at Leidse plein. Great large Breakfast! Leidsekade 97

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